Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thai stix

As I was just missing and thinking about Thai fish cakes and shrimp cakes, Michele suggested to hit up Thai Stix on Montrose, for he was craving for some authentic Thai food...We ordered way too much for 2, ( as usual) but felt satisfied and left with almost exploding bellies. When ordering, we always ask for dishes to be extra spicy, but at this place, our Waiter asked, "American spice or Thai spice" we laughed and without hesitating replied, "Thai spice". Good question - we like!

Golden fish cakes were really delicious and flavorful, the sauce was amazing with hints of herbs and citrus.

Thai BBQ pork - very juicy and fatty with a sweet plum sauce

Pad Kee Mao was bursting with flavors ( the sweet, the chili, the fragrant basil, soy sauce and fish sauce) and radiated with bright colors from lots of veggies

Green Curry was good, but it was not was a good texture and presented itself pretty with lots of colors but it was lacking a depth which Thai curry should carry...

However, overall the food was amazing except the rice was cooked a bit too wet and sticky. But this definitely won't be our last trip to Thai Stix restaurant!

The pasta lover enjoys Thai noodle dishes - pad kee mao, pad thai, etc...and he enjoys spicy foods because it's so different on the palate compared to Italian food. It's interesting how the Italian man really likes Thai food. I mean, I love Thai food and Thai restaurants are popular in Taiwan, but I always thought that it's because living in an Asian metropolitan, the Taipei folks are adventurous of other Asian cuisine, and that Thai food had some sort of similarities but enough differences compared to Chinese cuisine. It's especially popular among younger crowds, because of the big bold spicy flavors...I remember there were some trendy Thai restaurants in Taipei that had DJs spinning live (Very Thai 非常泰) , or had modern decor situated in fancy hotels ( Thai &Thai @ Mandarin Crown Hotel was designed by an Italian interior designer).

But all in all, I'm glad it's a type of food we, both from the east and the west, enjoy.

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  1. yay to Thai food :) Come to BKK, I will cook rice that is not too wet and sticky!