Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chicken pineapple soup

Now that my Italian classes start at 7 pm, I'm back to making soups early evening, so I can have a bowl or two before I head out to class, and have another bowl or two when I return home around 9:30. Eating late is not the healthiest, but after some hours of Italian class, it's always nice to come home to some already prepared food, relax and fill the belly. Plus, I always feel like I burn a lot of energy after class. As soon as I climb into my car, I can feel my tummy grumbling....

I bought a big pineapple the other day, cut it up in slices and saved the core to make this soup.
Talk about being frugal!

This clear brothy soup is fragrant with a hint of sweetness that comes out of the pineapple. The chicken thigh holds enough flavor and tenderness when cooked.

Chunks of chicken thigh
pineapple core, cut into 3 - 4 pieces
2 - 3 odens, cut into pieces
sliced mushrooms
For some greens, I think Chinese mustard leaves would go great with this soup.

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