Saturday, January 16, 2010

Culinary tour in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Taking a trip to Asia is truly a culinary tour. Here are some pictures of food from our trip to Japan, Taiwan and HongKong. There were days where I ate 5 times a day, and how I wish I had more space to consume all the delicious foods! I was so happy to introduce Michele to all the wonderful food Asia has to offer! From seafood, meats, noodles and deserts, tutti e delizioso! ( everything is delicious)

Pastries and sweets

The Japanese really have perfected French pastries and deserts. Macaroons are really the hot item in trendy areas like Ginza and Roppongi.

Typical Chinese desert, BBQ pork puff pastries and Chinese red bean semi-freddos

OH my LOVE for Mr. DONUT!!!

...and these are custom-made cupcakes especially ordered for our wedding party. Strawberries were in season, so sweet and delicious. Chinese deserts tend to be less sweet, so this cupcake was not as sugary or overtly topped with whipped cream. Just a light and yummy cupcake and fresh fruit!

Oodles of Noodles

One of the must-do items when visiting Japan is to explore all the different kinds of Ramen you can! It's such a Ramen paradise! This one is a miso and peanut soup base....

We ordered not one, but two bowls of these Dan-Dan noodles at DingTaiFeng...the noodles were made fresh and the sauce was delicately balanced

Only in Japan...

The best Shitake mushroom I ever had! Grilled, nigiri style, so meaty and juicy

Grilled toro. I was in heaven.

The perfect bite, part of our 250 USD dinner. Just two guests, 2 sushi masters and 7 other waitstaff serving us. Service in Japan is impeccable!

Burgers...not!! Earmuffs, Shibuya style

Truly Melts-in-your-mouth Black pork Katsu.

Asia's City, HongKong

The contrast of HongKong! One of the best sandwiches I had for lunch at Penninsula hotel, and a light and soothing porridge for breakfast....

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