Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A bit of Italy in Texas

An 1 hour and half road trip brought us to Texas Hill Country, where there are a few wineries and vineyards. Honestly it's a hit or miss with Texas vineyard hopping, some were good, some were OK, but all in all, it was fun to enjoy the countryside and sip on reds and whites.

We discovered a bit of Italy at Driftwood, TX, at the Manola Estate Winery, which is a southern Italian-inspired vineyard and winery that is located on the slopes of Onion Creek. The climate here is supposed to echo that in Southern Italy and Sicily, for grape vines to soak up warm sun and cool evening breezes.

The estate is built to to have a Tuscany flair. The look is a bit too fabricated and European replica, ( but what in America isnt!?) but it's still cute. We enjoyed a relaxed afternoon there, had dinner at their overly busy trattoria, and bought some cases of wine home.

Can't wait to open those bottles of reds at our new home, with new Texas friends!

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