Monday, June 22, 2009

Due Panini

Scrumptious Bánh mì - Vietnamese sandwiches, BBQ pork and pork pate. A product of the Indochinese French colonialism, this is fusion at its best! A combination of French baguette, pate and mayonnaise, with fresh Vietnamese native ingredients such as pickled carrots, peppers, and fish sauce.
( This heavenly Banh mi was devoured from Cali Sandwich and fast food at Travis Street)

Simple, classic Italian Panino -mozzarella and high quality prosciutto grilled in a sandwich press. Panini is traditionally served without any kind of sauce or topping, it is a purists' sandwich, just letting the salty prosciutto, creamy mozzarella shine through a fresh ciabatta bread.

The word "panino" is the singular form for small bread in Italian, with the plural panini.
So folks, there's no such thing as paninis!
( This was chowed down at Nundini Italian deli food store at the Heights )

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  1. cool, i've never tried Bánh mì in Vietnam XD