Friday, September 4, 2009

comfort pasta after a week of vacation

After traveling in Puerto Rico for 7 days... after days of mofongos, plantains, rice and beans, we really missed some home cooked pasta. The day we landed in Houston airport, we drove straight to Central Market, and bought some groceries to cook pasta for dinner.
We went with sausage arrabiata, using Serrano chilies and really cooked down the cherry tomatoes. We put the sausage in too soon, which resulted in a dryness. Nonetheless, the aromatics of the tomatoes along with the fennel from the sausage and a nice chili kick really satisfied our pasta crave!

Olive Oil
Ziti pasta
cherry tomatoes
Serrano chili
Italian sausage, out of casing

chopped chilies

Use olive oil to saute garlic and chilies. Add sausage, and then incorporate cherry tomatoes. Turn down to low heat for the tomatoes to completely break down. To avoid dryness of the sausage, I would recommend to add the sausage after the tomatoes are cooked down.

In a pot of salted boiling water, cook the pasta until al dente. Drain and incorporate half of the sausage and tomato sauce into the pot. Toss and then fold in remaining of the sauce, mix well.

And there you have it - a simple, delightful, satisfying pasta dish.

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