Thursday, September 3, 2009

Discovering Mofongo Relleno ( fried mashed plantains)

The first night we arrived to Puerto Rico, we discovered....

Mofongo Relleno de Camarones ( Mashed fried plantains with shrimp stuffing)

It's like this comforting, savory, plantainy deliciousness like no other!

Mofongo is mashed plantains with garlic, olive oil, and pork cracklings that are shaped into individual balls or molded with a mortar and pestle into a bowl to hold meat or fish. There are several versions of Mofongo, and when I tasted it, I was positive there was some kind of lard or pork fat inside that made it so deliciously tasty.

We stayed on the east coast of Puerto Rico, mostly in Fajardo and spent some time in San Juan as well. We took a ferry to Vieques island and enjoyed the gorgeous beaches there.

fruit stand
Seafood stew with fried plantains

streets of old san juan
Blue beach at Vieques

Sunset at old san juan

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