Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funny Italian Lesson

No gains, only pains

When in the mood, I try to practice Italian around Michele…so when we were shopping over the weekend, and I tried to say “100 dollars” in Italian, which is “cento dollari”

Michele’s reply was that it sounded like I said “cento dolori”, which is “100 pains”…painful indeed to buy one Anthropoligie skirt for a stay at home housewife! Recently, it’s just been no cash gains, only growing pains… funny how in Italian, dollar sounds like pain! ( dollari vs dolori)

However, the other day, Michele tried to say to my mom, over the phone “我愛 Chin”, (which is “I love Chin”. Not that he was showing off his affection for me, just because it’s probably the only few words he knows in Mandarin), but instead my mom thought he said”我愛錢”, which is “I love money”…And that is true, in both cases!


  1. lol...this was a great post! i'm serious, i feel like there is a book in your blog.

    p.s. i looooooooooove anthropologie. i feel happy just standing inside their stores.

  2. hahaha, both of you are cute,
    i miss you too, chin :)