Wednesday, April 8, 2009

herb n cheese stuffed pork cutlets

Basil, rosemary and cheese, all wrapped together...

Impress your guests or loved ones with herb and cheese stuffed pork cutlets! It's easy to make, looks fancy, and is just a cute little symphony of all food groups wrapped together. Dairy, Greens, protein... and hitting it with some tomato sauce brightens this whole dish altogether!
Cutlets for 4:
fresh basil leaves ( two bunches)
fresh rosemary ( one sprig)
asiago cheese ( 1 cup)
pork cutlets, pounded thin (4)
salt & pepper
chopped garlic ( 4)
tomato sauce ( 1/2 can)
red wine ( 2 tablespoons)
olive oil ( 2 tablespoons)

Pound the pork cutlets thin and season with salt and pepper. Lay 2 basil leaves, several rosemary leaves and shredded asiago cheese on top of the cutlet, and roll the cutlet , fastening with toothpicks. ( Be sure not to overstuff the cutlets, or else the cheese will ooze out when being seared)

In a saute pan, pour in olive oil and add chopped garlic. When you see small bubbles, lay the rolled pork cutlets and sear until one side is golden grown, then turn to another side. When the pork is fully cooked, remove from the pan and set aside. Leave all juices, oil and garlic in the pan.
Return to the pan where the pork juices, oil and garlic remainings, and turn to medium heat. Add tomato sauce and also the wine. sprinkle a little bit of salt, stir and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Remove the toothpicks out of the pork, and serve the garlic tomato sauce with the rolled cutlets. Use basil leaf to garnish. Bon Appetito!

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