Saturday, May 2, 2009

Balcony with fresh herbs

One of the great things about living in warm weather is that you can have plants and they will survive throughout the year! Never did it cross my mind to have plants at our lovely balcony in Evanston, but here in Houston, everyone has plants and gardens and huge yards ( and two dogs and three cats )...
So when Michele's dad came to visit us, he saw lots of herb plants at Whole Foods, and suggested us to buy some. ( Since he was enjoying lots of time on the balcony, it would beautify his cig breaks on the balcony)

We now have two basil plants, one mint ( mojitos, anyone?) and one rosemary bush...

Nothing beats having fresh herbs to add to your cooking. When picking the leaves out of the plant, your fingertips and palms smell soooo fragrant...and it puts such a smile to my face!

We already cook with lots of herbs, and now I can't wait to water our herbs everyday, watch them grow and pluck the top leaves off for dinner....and make pesto pasta, rosemary chicken, baking deserts with mint, marinating tomatoes with basil, lamb chops with rosemary, making some "three cup chicken" with basil...cucumber salad with mint....and the list goes on...suggest more dishes with fresh herbs, anyone?


  1. just when i think you've outdone yourself, you outdo yourself even more...

  2. the herbs i planted had never "survived" after one month, i just dont know if it's my problem that i watered them too often (twice a day) or the cold weather in luxembourg or my balcony doesn't have enough sun or whatever the reason is, i am terribly frustrated because of that. Now i have to buy expensive fresh herbs everytime from supermarket or simply use the dried herbs, poor me.