Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where is my bowl of rice?

Michele wanted to surprise his parents by taking them out to dimsum.

We went to yum yum cha cafe, which is close to where we live. Not one of my favorite dimsum places, but Michele is not a fan of dimsum carts and big noisy Chinese restaurants that use plastic bags as tablecloths...and I don't blame him. The carts sometimes don't look so fresh and clean, and plastic-bag tablecloths are not so appetizing, either...

We went for a weekday dinner, and ordered many dimsum dishes, and honestly, only Chinese broccoli, tarot cake, eggplant with shrimp, and peppers with shrimp was well received. They didnt enjoy the shumais or dumplings at all. The tapioca starch type of dumpling skin was not appealing to them. His dad actually thought they smelled funny...made a face and didn't even want to try. Poor Italians!

Picking apart dimsum with a fork and knife...

At the end, they gave up on dimsum. The first time his dad ever asked me, "why didn't we have any rice at a Chinese restaurant?" we had to explain that it was a dimsum cafe...Confused and hungry, I think we didn't help make a good first dimsum impression. So we made it up to them by taking them to another place for panini and deserts, to console them for some post-dimsum stress syndrome. Better luck next time!? I wonder if they would like the dimsum at Formosa Regent?

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