Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eating pasta with chopsticks

Simplicity is the key to great Italian food

To make a delicious cherry tomato spaghetti, you need only five ingredients:
Olive Oil
sliced cherry tomatoes
chopped garlic

- Remember to add salt to your pot of boiled water before cooking your spaghetti
- Be generous with your olive oil!
- Saute the chopped garlic for until you see little bubbles and the aroma of garlic fills your kitchen. Use low heat to avoid burning the garlic
- Add " un po" chili just for aroma, or add a good amount for some kick
- Stir in sliced cherry tomatoes until it becomes a sauce
- time the cooked pasta just right, then drain, and slightly stir fry in sauce

You would assume that without any cheese or meat, this pasta dish could be quite bland. However, it's really savory and light at the same time.

Mommy eating pasta with chopsticks

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