Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tofu and Zucchini Napolean

Getting our veggies on, fusion style

Stacked tofu and zucchini becomes a cute Napoleon...and cute- looking food really makes a dish taste much better!

Tofu ( medium firm)
Hon Dashi
salt & pepper
olive oil
red pepper flakes

Slice the tofu into long rectangles, and also slice the zucchini into the same length-shape.

In a frying pan, heat up oil and cook chopped garlic. Add zucchini and cook them on both sides, avoid turning them often to keep their shapes. When zucchini is cooked, put them in a plate aside, and also scoop up the garlic.

In the frying pan, cook the tofu. Sprinkle hon dashi and red pepper flakes, until the tofu has changed color, use chopsticks to flip to other side. Sprinkle again hon dashi and red pepper flakes. Cook until golden brown, and remove from pan.
In a baking dish, drizzle some olive oil on the bottom, and then place one tofu, stack with zucchini and garlic, and repeat. Put in oven and bake for 5 - 10 minutes

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  1. I totally want to try this. It looks super yum! W