Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pizza making vending machine

I heart vending machines...
Who would ever know that Italy, of all places, legendary for homemade meals, also lead Europe in vending machines?
It's not a vending machine that just heats up mini frozen pizzas, its a machine that actually makes the dough and assembles the sauce and cooks the thing!

from the NewYorkTimes

Published: March 13, 2009

...."The machine is outfitted with little windows so the customer can watch the pizza being made"..."wheels turn and gears grind. The customer presses a button to choose one of four varieties — margherita (plain cheese and tomato sauce), bacon, ham or fresh greens. A plastic container dumps flour into a drum resembling a tiny washing machine; a squirt of water follows, and the drum goes into a spin cycle, forming a blob of dough that is then pressed flat to form a 12-inch disk.
Tomato paste is squirted onto the dough and cheese is added before it is lifted into a small infrared oven. The baked pizza then slips onto a cardboard tray and out into the customer’s waiting hands. Mr. Torghele says the pizza will cost as little $4.50, depending on the variety."

Check out this video of kids buying a pizza at a pizza vending machine
Yes, and using skinny Italian models for a pizza machine demo is very appealing...

European vending machine industry, which has grown significantly and now has annual sales of about 26 billion euros, or $33 billion, hopes the trend will catch on...especially with this economy, Europeans are seeking for more economical ways to fill their bellys.

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