Monday, March 23, 2009

The Italiano's adventure in Taiwanese dining

My idea of a relaxing Friday night was to somehow address my nostalgia in seeking for some Taiwanese comfort food. After searching online, a funny-named restaurant called"Taiwan potato" came up, and we debated for a while whether or not to give it a shot, since the information we found about the restuarant on the Internet was scarce. Avevo Molta fame ( I was very hungry), and you know how girls can get cranky with empty stomachs, so I decided that we just go check it out.

Even though it would not be the most romantic spot for a Friday night, I figured the authenticity of the food could bring us some satisfaction, and it could be an interesting expererience for the Italiano. (And I was right. Michele was shocked so much by the foods that he wanted to call my mom immediately after dinner).

Upon arrival, I happily learned that the real name was , 芋仔番薯Taro & Sweet potato, which is a local way of calling Taiwanese people, and at that moment I knew this was gonna be some real Taiwanese food.

I thought it would be fun for Michele to try street food-like small dishes, rather than ordering entress, just so he could have a feel for what local Taiwanese people eat. We ordered stinky tofu 臭豆腐, oyster omelette 蚵仔煎, seafood coffin bread 棺材板, 台南碗粿Tainan Rice Cake in Bowl, bitter melon with salty egg苦瓜鹹蛋, and per his request we ordered combination fried noodles.

He was brave enough to have one bite of Stinky Tofu, and I don't blame him for not being fond of it. He asked me to move the plate to the furthest corner of our table, actually... he also said that if we brought his parents here they'd probably never want to visit Asia. Ha!
My favorite is bitter melon stir fried with satly egg, but it was a no-go for the Italian.

Oyster omelette: too gooey for the Italiano

By the time we tried the steamed Rice Cake in bowl, he asked why everything was so starchy.

Seafood coffin was just "cosi cosi"

And look at the cemetry of chopsticks he created...( 4 chopsticks were used to eat this meal!)

The only thing that was finished were the noodles!

And for desert....shaved ice was well-received. This is banana strawberry chocolate ice cream on shaed ice. Finally! Something he liked!

Hopefully the next Taiwanese food will be a more enjoyable experience for him =)


  1. wow this is like real taiwanese food.

    did it taste like how it is back home?

  2. I love Taiwan Potato. They have the best Taiwanese food in Houston. But the food in Taiwan is definitely 10x better at least