Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tilapia in mushroom, caper, white wine sauce

This is a healthy, yummy, light and easy dish to make at home...Fish is actually easy to make, especially in the US when you can get fillets clean and deboned at the grocery store. It's hassle-free and also a great alternative when we get tired of red meats and pastas...
Capers and lemon juice adds a tartness to this dish, and white wine really helps add depth to the taste. Together, the mushroom and capers are really flavorful and go great with fish and rice...


Tilapia fillets
sliced mushrooms
white wine
fresh lemon juice
salt and pepper
butter ( or for a healthier option, use olive oil)

First, season the Tilapia with salt and pepper

With low heat, put butter in pan and heat up until you see tiny bubbles. Remember to use low heat to avoid burning the butter. Add in sliced mushrooms, add the thyme, and stir-fry until the mushrooms are cooked thoroughly.

Lay the fish fillets in the pan, and top it with white wine, and then add in the capers.

Flip the fish fillet when one side is seared with a nice light brown crust. Continue to pan-fry the fillet until the fish is completely cooked through. When the fish is almost cooked, and you'd like a crust on the outside, you may turn the heat up in the last couple of minutes. Add salt and pepper for taste. ( With fish, you really want to avoid flipping often to keep the fillet in shape).

When the fish is cooked, turn off the heat and squeeze lemon juice on top
Hope you get to try this recipe!

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