Thursday, March 5, 2009

O Brothers K, Where Art Thou

When Michele and I moved to Main St, Evanston, we fell in love with Brothers K coffee shop. While he grabbed a cappuccino every morning to go, I occasionally treated myself for a skim latte to go on weekday mornings. However, we were always there on weekend mornings.

Come Saturday and Sunday morning, and we'd happily stroll to Brothers K and enjoy a warm espresso drink, soaking in a relaxed weekend morning. We'd bring our own books, sometimes the NYTimes, or we'd just chat away and people-watch...or play with our new iphones...

Going to cafes is really one of my favorite past times. We often immersed ourselves in coffee shops in Evanston...our dear, lovely Evanston! At IMC, we used to hang out at Peets in the afternoons, studying and gossiping away, pouring our hearts out over lattes and smoothies...Then there was the late night studying for finance at Ambrosia, and oh, meeting up with the Thai girls at Kafein one late summer day...what sweet memories we had at these cafes!

While Michele was away for the summer, I always remember Xin Pei making lattes for us early morning..and that was very sweet. Enjoying espresso in the mornings with dear ones have become one of my sweetest memories.

We have left Evanston and are still on the search for our favorite cafe and espresso in Houston...suggestions anyone?

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